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Francis Grace was the 8th son of Edward and Catherine Grace.  The family cemetery in Duxbury Vermont has a grave marker with the name of his wife, Nellie B. Atwood, who passed away in 1910.  The marker also has the name of Francis Grace on it, without a date of death carved into the stone. 

Francis A. Grace, March 12, 1879- June 7, 1956

It’s a large stone, and when Francis bought it for his wife he likely had every intention of one day sharing that grave with her in the same cemetery where his mother had been buried just over a decade earlier.  But life went on and as the story goes it took Francis to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, along with his second wife, Anna.

After some years of sporadic yet persistent checking, someone has put very thorough cemetery transcripts of Edmonton onto the internet, and this has given me the final resting place and a death date for both Francis and his wife.  So if you’ve ever stood in the Holy Cross Cemetery in Duxbury Vermont and wondered to yourself, “Where is Francis?”, here is your answer:

Francis Andrew Grace, March 12, 1879-June 7, 1956

Anna Grace, d. 1940




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