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There’s something about having a sample of your ancestor’s handwriting that’s particularly touching, especially when it’s a list written by your great-great grandmother of all of her children, and the date and place of their births.

This document came to me through the kindness of Jan and Susan, the granddaughters of Walter Alexander Grace.  I’m grateful to them for sharing it.

This list would was  written by Catherine Warren (Travers) Grace sometime before the year 1897, the year she passed away:

Michael was put at the top of the paper, the only baby that she lost.  He was born and died in St. Columban, Quebec, in the year 1870.

Much of the rest of the paper is pretty difficult to read, but I’m going to give it a try.

Patrick Henry Grace born in Montreal March 18, 1866

Robert Joseph Grace born in St. Scholastique March 14, 1868

Edward Grace born in Montreal January 8, 1871

John Leonard Grace born in Montreal November 4, 1872

William James Grace born in Montreal November 17, 1874

Michael Wilfred Grace born in Montreal September 20, 1876

Francis Andrew Grace born in —- Vt. March 12, 1879

Charles Thomas Grace born in Waterbury April 4 1881

George and Eugene Grace born in Moretown March 28, 1883

Walter Alexander Grace born in Moretown September 8, 1884

Mary Honnorah Grace born in Duxbury October 8, 1886

That’s copied to the best of my ability.  If anyone sees something different, please let me know!!

What I found interesting is that all other documents and family history have said that what is written here as William James Grace and Michael Wilfred Grace, were  actually James William and Wilfred Michael.

I tend to think she got it right, since she was their mother!


My cousin, Eugene, recently sent me a wonderful picture of my great-grandparents, Eugene and Anna, with two of their young children, Eugene Francis and Helen.  My grandfather, Walter, was not yet born.

It’s meant a lot to me to get this picture.  Previous to this I only had one picture of Eugene, and no clear picture of Anna.  Now, to have a photograph of their family together, is a real treasure.

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