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The tombstone reads:  Infant, son of E. (Ebenezer) & L. (Lydia) Haseltine.  Died Jan 23, 1862, age 27 days.  He is buried in the Haseltine or Fairmont Cemetery, just outside of Waterbury Vermont.

Ebenezer Haseltine and Lydia (Marshall) Haseltine are my 3rd great-grandparents.  This infant was their 8th child, born when Lydia was in her 38th year.

I wonder why a baby that lived 27 days wasn’t given a name.  I don’t know if it was common practice at the time to not name a baby that was obviously not going to live, and I am assuming that was the case.  If the death came as a surprise, he surely would’ve had a name.

Was he born extremely premature?  Did he have a birth defect?  It must be one of these two things, it’s the only way to explain that he lived almost a month and wasn’t given a name. 

Can anyone help me figure out an answer?


My 3rd great grandfather was apparently a unique man.     He was born on Sept 12 in the year  1801 in the town of Waterbury Vt.  He died in Stowe 88  years later, and here is his obituary,  found in the Argus and Patriot:

Chester Marshall, a long time resident of the town and vicinity, died at his home in Stowe last Thursday night, and was buried last Sunday in the cemetery at Duxbury Corners, by the side of his first wife, who died many years ago.  Mr. Marshall was in the 88th year of his age, and until a few years has been an active and hard working man, performing the duties of life as he understood them in a way peculiarly his own, for he had a marked individuality and much natural ability.  His second wife and two daughters survive him.

This is one of my favorite obits so far due to the remark about his peculiar way of doing things and individuality.  Sounds just like my family to me.

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