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Francis Grace was the 8th son of Edward and Catherine Grace.  The family cemetery in Duxbury Vermont has a grave marker with the name of his wife, Nellie B. Atwood, who passed away in 1910.  The marker also has the name of Francis Grace on it, without a date of death carved into the stone. 

Francis A. Grace, March 12, 1879- June 7, 1956

It’s a large stone, and when Francis bought it for his wife he likely had every intention of one day sharing that grave with her in the same cemetery where his mother had been buried just over a decade earlier.  But life went on and as the story goes it took Francis to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, along with his second wife, Anna.

After some years of sporadic yet persistent checking, someone has put very thorough cemetery transcripts of Edmonton onto the internet, and this has given me the final resting place and a death date for both Francis and his wife.  So if you’ve ever stood in the Holy Cross Cemetery in Duxbury Vermont and wondered to yourself, “Where is Francis?”, here is your answer:

Francis Andrew Grace, March 12, 1879-June 7, 1956

Anna Grace, d. 1940




I recently received a comment from a distant cousin regarding her great-grandfather George Grace.  George is the twin brother of my great-grandfather, Eugene Grace, and this is the first time I’ver heard from any of his descendants. 

It was wonderful to hear from her, as no one seems to know what became of him, his wife, and their six children.  From the research I’ve done that’s been limited to what I can find online, they seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth.  Part of the reason for that has been uncovered by talking to my distant cousin.

George and his wife Anna’s children were Lawrence,  John, George Jr., Phyllis, Doris, and Alice.  The woman who contacted me is the granddaughter of George Jr.  One of the reasons he’s been so hard to find is that he legally changed his name to Joseph Richard Grace.  George Jr. was kicked out of his parent’s house when he was 12 years old, and left to fend for himself because the family was desperately poor at the time.  He worked on a farm nearby for room and board, and then later joined the Navy.  George Jr. never forgave his parents for this, changed his name, and never spoke to either of them again.  He changed his name, taking the Jr. part of his name and turning it into Joseph Richard.  He died on July 30, 1969 and is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Manchester, NH. 

Joseph Richard Grace (George Grace Jr.), May 31, 1914-July 30, 1969

George Jr., by then Joseph Richard, went on to Mary Laurette Duval and had 4 sons, the first of which died as an infant from spina bifida.  His other three sons are still living.

Not much else is know about George and Anna, since Joseph (George Jr.), broke off all contact with them.  It’s going to take more than just internet detective work to find out how and where they lived out the remainder of their lives.

I want to thank Sandra for giving me persmission to share this information with the other Graces who read my blog!  It always means a great deal to me to hear from the descendants of the children of Edward and Catherine.

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