Graceless Graces.  (Printed in the Argus and Patriot, September 27, 1905)

Waterbury, Sept. 26–Robert and Charles Grace, brothers, were up before Justice Dale this morning and answered to several charges.  Charles Grace came from St. Albans a few days ago to visit his brother and last evening they filled up on booze and made so much disturbance at the Waterbury House, of which J.C. Farrar is proprietor, that he sent for Officer C.C. Graves who made the arrest.  Both men interfered with the officer and were arraigned for resisting an officer.  Robert was fined $5 and costs for intoxication and $2 and costs for breach of the peace.  both fines amounting to $19.46, which he will pay.  His brother was fined $10 and costs of $6.15 for a breach of the peace while the intoxication case against him was not pressed.  Each waived examination on the charge of resisting the officer and were placed under bail of $100, which was furnished by C.C. Graves in both cases.

The men in question are my Grandfather’s Uncles, Robert and Charles.  Charles is the man who raised Grandpa after his father, Eugene, passed away in 1925.  Trouble making Grace brothers!

Charles Grace:

Charles Thomas Grace